Welcome to Karyatis Luxury Maisonette

Prepare yourself for an awe inspiring, luxurious stay in the beating heart of Athens.

The Karyatis Luxury Maisonette invites guests to become part of an extraordinary stay experience filled with immaculate Acropolis views and 360 panoramic Athens city vistas, that will take your breath away.

The Acropolis monument lies right within guests’ grasp, as the unique location of this Acropolis view maisonette is almost at the same height as the landmark. Karyatis Luxury Maisonette is at such close distance that it reveals an entirely new and spectacular view of the Acropolis and Parthenon Temple, such that guests can fully immerse into the satiating sensation of absorbing the energy of Ancient Greek heritage, without having to lift a finger.

Welcome to a place that exudes a sense of grandeur that overwhelms by the light of day, and a sense of awe that mesmerises by the charm of the moonlight.

Welcome to an astonishing Athens rooftop apartment, the Karyatis Luxury Maisonette.

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    The Apartment
    Karyatis Luxury Maisonette is an elegant, fully renovated, 1970’s apartment, boasting the most...
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    The services of Karyatis Luxury Maisonette are aimed at giving guests the best of both worlds. 
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    Karyatis Luxury Maisonette is located in a picturesque neighbourhood of Athens, Koukaki, at its most...
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    Check our current offers, to get even more out of your Athenian getaway by staying at Karyatis Luxur...
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